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Welcome! Start your free homeschool blog on, a free blogging platform and social network for the Christian homeschool blogging community.

Brought to you by The Old Schoolhouse®, a trusted name in homeschooling support since 2001, offers a decidedly Christian alternative for gathering with like-minded home educators to share the journey with one another.

Why join

  • Share your story by starting your own blog through our WordPress platform and support
  • Create and join groups with other home educators around shared interests
  • Make new friends and follow their adventures

Whether you are brand new to blogging or a skilled writer, makes it simple for you to start your own blog around homeschooling, family, hobbies and interests, areas of expertise, or personal reflections. As part of the community, your blog can get noticed quickly and build a readership who values your insights. In turn, you can find the homeschool support and personal encouragement you need within this unique homeschool community.

You may be wondering, “Do I have to start my own blog to be a part of the community?” Absolutely not! is more than a Christian blogging community. It is also a social network that allows you to interact directly by making and following friends, private messaging, and sharing personal updates.

Are you tired of weeding through controversial posts, memes, and fodder on social media platforms? Do you long for a place to connect with the homeschool community in a conservative environment, to glean wisdom and share your thoughts? is the place for you!

Join the Christian homeschool blogging community today and see how we’re different!


Recent Networkwide Posts

We are so glad you’re considering joining! As a community of like-minded homeschooling parents, we all benefit from the wisdom and experiences of one another. We hope that our bloggers will encourage readers with appropriate, uplifting material that is uniquely their own.

Please read our full Terms of Use to ensure you do not accidentally violate any guidelines that have been established to make this a useful place for parents looking for homeschool support. If there is a concern that some inappropriate material has found its way onto this site, it can be reported to us on our contact page.