Hello world!

I’m a single, home educating mom, who enjoys learning along with my “kids.” They’re all grown now; my youngest technically has one more year. And my oldest has my one and only (so far) grandchild. And I have recently transitioned to being caregiver to my parents. 

Some of my passions are: photography, reading, writing and blogging, as well as sewing, scrapbooking and rubberstamping (if only I had the time!).

I guess my main purpose for this blog will to share my thoughts as a granmumsy, mum, and caregiving daughter. It will probably contain a lot of “if only I’d known this back when I was starting to homeschool!” Advice I’d give regarding my grandchild, if only his parents asked me for it. Ha! And pleas for advice on how to navigate this new role of “parenting” my parents, and driving hundreds of miles a week. Yikes!

By the way, this isn’t my only blog. I also blog at Life on Chickadee Lane, and The Kitchen on Chickadee Lane. Check them out. The Kitchen is a little malnourished, since I don’t post there often.

I hope you come back often.

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