Putting God in your Math Curriculum – Adding and Subtracting

When I homeschooled my kids (when the dinosaurs were around, lol), I found there was little offered in the way of godly math. In fact, it was very disappointing. Homeschool curricula can be costly and confusing. But there are some simple ways to add God into your math curriculum that you chose this year. Every math class requires you to add and subtract. Use this to teach your children how God wants our lives to be centered around Him. We add things to our lives like watching TV, playing with friends, reading, or playing video games. We need to add things to our lives that are worthwhile. Adding can be fun; add a TV show that uplifts your family and its values or read something that is encouraging to read. Add a fun time out with friends and family. We had sunny days instead of snow days when I homeschooled. These adding things can be explained as God’s time for us to have fun.

What about subtracting things? Sometimes children see subtraction as a negative thing and hate it. How about if we make it fun? Have them subtract something for a day they hate doing. Yes, it could be a chore, but they can only subtract it for one day.   Tell them God wants us to subtract in our lives too. He wants our lives to be simple. Talk about how you can subtract things that are not important so we can add things to your daily life that are important: like spending time with Him as a family in devotions. As homeschoolers, we get so caught up in math, English, reading, etc., that we forget to add God’s word into our lives. If we can add math and the Bible, we have a win-win situation.

So, next time you teach math and have to add and subtract, talk about how God uses these operations to simplify our lives and bring us closer to Him.

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