The Dangers of Middle School & a Youthful World

The Dangers of Middle School include bullying, assault, no school choice (in many areas) and getting brainwashed in Old Earth Fallacies (OEF’s).


When I was still in grade school I would read Time-Life science books and I took the millions of years at face value.  Sadly, public schools only lean one way:

#MOYA ==> Millions Of Years Ago

#BOYA ==> Billions Of Years Ago

#TOYA ==> Trillions Of Years Ago anyone?

Since the Corona Crisis, many parents have chosen homeschooling and Christian Schools.  School Choice is boss’n’ for real.  Check out John Stossel’s well reasoned essay for learning freedom.  Stossel came out with No, They Can’t: Why Government Fails – But Individuals Succeed in 2012.


The anti-YoungEarth propaganda is almost complete.  I perused dozens of alternatives to Google and hardly found any that were sympathetic to Young Earth Science (#YES).  Try this search and see what you get:

“young earth movement” growing.

If you find a search engine sympathetic to YETI (Young Earth Theory Intelligence) let me know:

Remarkably, the Tulsa World had a story on Young Earthers a few years ago.

More here:


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