5 Sex Ed and Parenting (Or Co-Parenting) Tips

An anonymous post on a Facebook parenting group – a local moms group in my area – recently involved sex education, even if the anonymous poster may not have seen it that way. To summarize, this mom was upset because a YouTube commercial had mentioned a certain type of deodorant designed to eliminate certain odors,… Continue reading 5 Sex Ed and Parenting (Or Co-Parenting) Tips

‘Mara: Daughter of the Nile’ (Review)

Sheftu was so amazed at seeing the same slave girl for the fourth time that day – and here on this ship, of all unlikely places – that at first he could say nothing at all. Then he noticed her strong, deep breathing, her narrowed eyes and her quivering readiness for flight, and realized that… Continue reading ‘Mara: Daughter of the Nile’ (Review)

‘Unplanned Grace’ (Review)

Approaching the issue of unplanned pregnancy with love and compassion opens doors and creates conversations in a way that judgment and shame never could. Offering resources, education, and support empowers women and men to make life-affirming decisions for themselves and their children.” This book, “Unplanned Grace” by Brittany Smith and Natasha Smith, came into my… Continue reading ‘Unplanned Grace’ (Review)

Sharing Your Love Story With Your Children: 5 Tips

Perhaps one of the most powerful, yet relatively uncommon, sex education tips for parents is to share your unique love story with your children. This was certainly true for me growing up because I loved to hear the story of how my parents met! Tip 1: Start with the basics (Grammar stage). While I share… Continue reading Sharing Your Love Story With Your Children: 5 Tips

How Do I Give ‘The Sex Talk’ Across Multiple Ages & Grades?

Someone once asked me what to do if they want to speak to some of their older children about sexual matters, but some of their younger children happen to be hanging around as well. What’s a mom of multiple kiddos to do? Delay one child’s sexual education for a better time – maybe introduce it as more… Continue reading How Do I Give ‘The Sex Talk’ Across Multiple Ages & Grades?

‘Yoshiko and the Foreigner’ (Review)

Recently I reviewed “How My Parents Learned To Eat” and how it’s a great example of a “big-picture” story to men/women relationships – all couched in a delicious recounting about eating with chopsticks vs. forks and spoons. (Coming from my own Eurasian background, this was such a treat to share with my young children!) For… Continue reading ‘Yoshiko and the Foreigner’ (Review)

5 Powerful Sex Ed Tips You May Have Never Heard Before

Do you face challenges in introducing a Christian sex education to your children? Many families may just not know how to go about the topic if they never saw it modeled in their own homes growing up. From my own experience, I’ve compiled a list of powerful sex education tips that I saw modeled from… Continue reading 5 Powerful Sex Ed Tips You May Have Never Heard Before

‘Love, Honor, And Virtue’ (Review)

Ever wondered how to raise the topic of sex with your young or adolescent boy? If so, ‘Love, Honor, And Virtue: Gaining or Re-Gaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality‘ by Hal and Melanie Young may be for you! Recently I came across this gem and highly recommend it. Here’s a portion near the beginning of… Continue reading ‘Love, Honor, And Virtue’ (Review)

‘Good Pictures Bad Pictures’ [Review]

I actually saw this book, “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids” through a local Facebook group for homeschool moms. Then I found out that someone has kindly uploaded their read-aloud of this book to YouTube…here it is! This was what I thought a fantastic introduction to warning about, and explaining the concept of,… Continue reading ‘Good Pictures Bad Pictures’ [Review]

When to start a Christian sex education

As parents, we can see the wisdom in passing on real-life skills to our children. For example, we want them to be financially literate, socially adept, independent in running their own households, and so forth. And yes, I would imagine that we all want them to be knowledgeable about sex. The big question is: At… Continue reading When to start a Christian sex education