‘Love, Honor, And Virtue’ (Review)

love, honor, and virtue book

Ever wondered how to raise the topic of sex with your young or adolescent boy? If so, ‘Love, Honor, And Virtue: Gaining or Re-Gaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality‘ by Hal and Melanie Young may be for you!

love, honor, and virtue book

Recently I came across this gem and highly recommend it. Here’s a portion near the beginning of the book:

Who do we have in mind as our readers? We are aiming for you, men and young men, who are struggling with the temptations and challenges of bachelorhood.

We know it’s not easy. The world is throwing itself at you in a way we haven’t seen since the days of the Roman Empire. And guys are being drawn into the fight younger and younger.

When we first started writing and teaching on this issue just a few years ago, we heard from parents whose 17- or 16-year-old sons were having trouble with temptations—typically relating to pornography. It has rapidly moved to worries over 12-year-olds, 10-year-olds, even boys 8 and under.”

Additionally, I might add, savvy and precocious teen girls could gain a thing or two from reading it!

I love the book’s conversational approach and how it tackles complex, weighty subjects with grace, clarity, and lots of humor. Definitely a must-read for today’s modern battlefield (discusses sexting, gender fluidity, masturbation, etc.).

The authors explore not just the “nuts and bolts” of sex education, but also the “big-picture” approach of why sex matters.

Hal and Melanie Young recommend a “Five Point Defense” plan in this book that they used with their sons, and it proved helpful and effective. I also love that it’s based on Scripture and Christian principles.

Do you have any thoughts on this book or other sex education resources? If so, feel free to comment or contact me directly!

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