Who Am I?

Well, Here I AmWell, Here I Am

When HomeschoolBlogger.com closed years ago I didn’t expect to ever be blogging here again. I did try my hand at blogging elsewhere, but the sense of community just wasn’t there for me. So I moved into Facebook and there I’ve been ever since.

Then Gena, the Publisher of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, asked if I wanted to come back, they were starting up HSB again. At first I thought, “Not really.”

Then I thought, “Why not?”

“Yeah, but if you do, what will you write about? You’re not the same person, your life didn’t quite go the way you had envisioned it would, and what do you have to offer now?”

Just that. I have that perspective to offer. I loved homeschooling my children, and I would do it all over again, but all the magical formulas did not result in perfect Christian adults. They did not miss out on the hard parts of life that I had so hoped to keep them from. They aren’t rich, they aren’t famous, they aren’t published authors, or own their own businesses. None of them are even married!

They are children of God who need Him, whether they always recognize that or not. They are productive members of society. They all have jobs. They are all good people, better than me in so many ways. That was my goal. That they would choose Christ, and become better than me. Not fame, fortune, or even family.

My children have taught me a lot over the years, and have taught me even more as adults. So that’s what this blog is going to be about. The imperfect homeschooling life that led us down a very rocky road, and beyond.